GKN Wheels 63.0″ / Swift Change

Product Description

Wheel Information

Description: 63 X 44.00/5.0 Swift Change Wheel
Rim Profile: Multi-Piece
Rim Design: Swift Change
Market: Mining
Diameter: 63.0
Width: 44.00


  • Modified seven piece rim intended for tubeless operation
  • Ultrasonic weld and flaw inspected circumferential welds
  • Forged and seamless ring material used for critical components
  • Heavy duty lock ring
  • Extensive application of various high strength low alloy steel (HSLA)
  • All critical surfaces fully machined
  • POSI LOK for reduced flange slippage
  • Bead seat band and back band have an integral continuous tool pocket feature

Key Benefits

  • Rim profiles comply with at least one of the following standards – TRA, ETRTO, JATMA and ISO
  • Ease of service/maintenance
  • Reduced downtime/easier tyre fitting
  • Maximizing equipment efficiency = Increased productivity
  • Complete wheel solutions available
  • All GKN Wheels come with best in class paint finish as standard
  • GKN Wheels’ diverse product range and global presence mean that we are well-placed to be the key supplier for all mining wheels requirements